The African Diaspora Directorate Announces the Launch of the Black Folks Plan for America and our Response to America’s Widespread Racial Injustice

A Press Release: Gaylord C. Neal III Cell/Text/What’s App: 01.215.828.4995 qmespotlight.comPhiladelphia, PA – June 15, 2020
The African Diaspora Directorate Announces the next phase in the Launch of the Black Folks Plan for America and our Response to America’s Widespread Racial Injustice and National Emergency with the Black Folks Plan for America, a public private partnership incubator. Our first incubated project is the release tomorrow of the Black & Blue Public Safety Initiative.
The World as we know it has changed. First, it was the Global Pandemic and now many see the USA at War with itself. Many lessons have been learned from the 400 years of oppressed history of people of African descent who landed in the British Colonies on August 25th, 1619, in lands that became America. Modern White Supremacy in America grew from land ownership and the Slave Trade, which was a key building block in our nation becoming a global economic power. Recorded history shows that this nation was built on the labor of black people who lived through misery, death, rape, abuse, mental/physical torture, murder, and violence from its beginnings on March 4th, 1789 to December 6, 1865, as American slaves. Then faced an unequal citizenship from July 28th, 1868 to today.
Recently, these deep wounds, continually given to black people have finally emerged in such a way that the entire world sees America through the lens of institutional and systematic racial injustice. The historical senseless murders and abuse against Black people, including by police, have exposed just a crack of the sin and crime of modern White Supremacy and its brand of racial injustice, deception, manipulation, terrorism, and miseducation which continues to operate all through our nation and society. The world now sees that America has violated the Human and Civil Rights of its Black Citizens. The truth has been exposed and all eyes can see protests throughout America and around the globe that are displaying that more than just black people are sick, tired, and angry. They and allies are willing to take to the streets in protest.

We believe that America Can Become a “Better Nation”.

The people of this nation must “Step up” along with the institutions and the business community to address these issues. Blacks have been doing their part to build this nation even while being held down, discriminated against, terrorized, and made to live in fear within our own communities and systematically murdered, incarcerated, miseducated, and driven to the brink of hopelessness. This has created a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of epic proportions in Americans of African descent. The Black Folks Plan for America is meant to address PTSD at a local level.
The Black Folks Plan for American creates partnerships for solutions.

We are not doomed to repeat history.
Every cycle of new political regimes hears our cries and sees our pain and they do nothing to change our overall worsening conditions. Making our nation great again can only be done when White Supremacy and institutionalized racism is exposed and handled properly with solutions that are supported by laws, steep penalties, and shame. The system must address our shared history and a process of reconciliation must be put in place for all Americans so that the scales of fairness are balanced so that we can live up to aspirations of our national declaration of independence. We can do this as America is the wealthiest nation in modern human history. The President of the United States of American said at the National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week Conference on September 10, 2019:
“The first and highest duty of government is to take care of its own citizens. African Americans built this nation through generations of blood, sweat, and tears. And you, like all of our citizens, are entitled to a government that puts your needs, your interests, and your families first.”
Is America living up to these words? Are we not American citizens since July 28th, 1868 with the passage of the 14th Amendment to the American constitution? Will our government leaders ever acknowledge this great suffering and struggle of our people by implementing sweeping solutions? If we go by history, we know the answer.
Therefore, we support the saying, “Without confrontation, there will be no change.”
The global protests and confrontations since the murder of George Floyd have set the stage for changing the expected answer in the era of our National Emergency to the Global Pandemic.

Many African Americans and other allied Americans who feel our pain of helplessness, frustration, and anger over his and other like murders and now have taken to the streets in lawful protests. Now, domestically, many breakers of the law who have no goal to help rebuild America use in violence and destruction for their own personal gain. These looters along with rioting anarchists, Anti Fascists and alt-right thugs including those in the Boogaloo Movement are taking away the power of the message of the peaceful protests.
The Black Folks Plan for America is a better way.
“The African Diaspora Directorate and its grassroots member organizations will create opportunities for people of African Heritage and allies through the Black Folks Plan for America to build a response that supports meeting the intergenerational disenfranchisement because of racism. We work with community leaders, policymakers, institutions and corporations to champion fairness and create solutions to discrimination in the time of this global Pandemic and the protests and confrontations brought on by murder of George Floyd.”
– Dr. Kofi Agyapong, Chairman, The African Diaspora Directorate

The African Diaspora Directorate has already joined into a coalition of more than 600 community-based organizations across the nation that promote access to banking services, affordable housing, job creation, entrepreneurship, and build vibrant communities for America’s working families. This coalition has created over $150B in bank-based community benefit agreements. In the national emergency just one of these banks has done over 32,000 Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program loans worth over $13B. In addition, they reported a significant loan ratio to businesses in Low Moderate-Income Neighborhoods and in Minority Neighborhoods. Now we build on that, with allies, the Black Folks Plan for America.
Founding organizations of the African Diaspora Directorate have been developing the infrastructure for the Black Folks Plan for America over the past year. We have created unified and cohesive communications, social media and strategic plans to help all Black people in America – defined as all people of African Descent (We accept that if you have 1% African DNA, you are part of our nation and black family). We can no longer wait around for change, our response will be to create the change, direct and accelerate the solutions and protect our people. We must do this ourselves and with our allies who care with and for us.
Through the Black Folks Plan for America, we will build an inclusive community that reflects our collective values and common vision from local to global levels, spanning cultures, nations, and regions in a world with a global community made up of People of African Descent and our allies.

The African Diaspora Directorate Announces the Launch of the Black Folks Plan for America and our Response to America’s Widespread Racial Injustice

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The African Diaspora Directorate Announces the Launch of the Black Folks Plan for America and our Response to America’s Widespread Racial Injustice

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