Title of UN 2020 Universal Periodic Review of the USA by the Friends of the African Union with Vision Works and the African Diaspora Directorate – 400 years of African American History in Legal INJUSTICE, a case study in Ohio.-The African Diaspora Directorate (United Nations) UNUPR submission

Dated: December 2017

Description: Our first proposal submitted to the Union Nation, in the Third Cycle, contained this statement, “Friends of the African Union and allies (one of which is the African Diaspora Directorate) believes that this could be the time that by executive action by the President of the United States of America in a public-private partnership can be created through the United States Department of State of a Quantitative Easing based debt purchasing program.”.  This document provides the background of the Friends of the African Union.

Friends of the African Union (FAU), which is an Ohio non-reporting unincorporated association (2012), has combined operations with the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, Inc. (1999) which together will do business as FAU Global Operations Center (2018) and with FAU’s affiliated public beneficiary company for the People of African Descent in the African Diaspora FAU EDcorp, Inc. (2016) who accepts the definition by the African Union in 2005 as ““The African Diaspora consists of peoples of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent and building of the African Union.”, Friends of the African Union smartWISE (2018), and FAU PBFS (2019) are together proposing creating a domestic next-generation innovation team for sustainable change in human rights in the United States of America based on our work in the United Nations and the African Union (AU).

Furthermore, in the AU definition, the diaspora as having the following characteristics: (1) Bloodline and/ or heritage: The Diaspora should consist of people living outside the continent whose ancestral roots or heritage are in Africa; (2) Migration: The Diaspora should be composed of people of African heritage, who migrated from or are living outside the continent. In this context, three trends of migration were identified- pre-slave trade, slave trade, and post-slave trade or modern migration; and, (3) the principle of inclusiveness.

The definition must embrace both ancient and modern Diaspora; and the commitment to the African cause: The Diaspora should be people who are willing to be part of the continent (or the African family) .

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